27th FPD Manufacturing Equipment Seminar

The 27th FPD Manufacturing Equipment and Technology International Exhibition and Professional Seminar
Exhibition time: April 17-17, April 17
Venue: Tokyo International Exhibition Center, Tokyo
Sponsored by Reed Exhibitions (Japan)
China distributor: Shenzhen City Leaders Exhibition Co., Ltd

Exhibition and Market Trade Information:
FINETECH JAPAN 2016 (the 26th FPD Manufacturing Equipment and Technology International Exhibition and Professional Seminar) is the world's largest exhibition of flat panel displays, touch panel industry, representing the world's leading FPD industry, TOUCH PANEL JAPAN - Japan Touch Panel, Display, Printed Electronics Fair - Printed Electronics, Nanoimprinted Technology Fair - Nano Pressure Printing technology.
Japan 1st CERAMICS JAPAN, 3rd metaL JAPAN, 5th PLASTIC JAPAN, 7th FILMTECH JAPAN, 16th PHOTonIX JAPAN (photoelectric laser exhibition), 1st high-performance ceramic exhibition, , 26th FINETECH JAPAN (the world's largest FPD touch show).
The five major thematic exhibitions in 2015 will showcase a total of 57,529 visitors and attendees from 21 countries and 1150 exhibitors, including over 6,600 international people from overseas , The current exhibition has become the world's largest optical optical film and display the industry's top professional exhibition, each have created a huge industry exchanges and cooperation opportunities. These data have broken through previous years. This exhibition will attract more importers and exporters from around the world and experts and technicians to visit the procurement.

Scope of Exhibits:
Production equipment
Laminating Equipment Pharmacy Equipment Spraying Equipment Exposure Equipment Baking Machine / Dryer / Sealer Scribe, Cell Separator Color Filter Manufacturing Equipment CVD Equipment Coating Machine, Developer Cleaning Equipment Grinding Equipment
Components and materials
Electrode Materials Driver ICs Other Related Components and Materials Cover ITO Targeting Material Film OLED Material Backlight Cell Glass / Plastic Substrate Resistor, Development, Separator Optical Film Polarizing Plate, Retarder
Inspection / measurement / repair
Substrate Inspection System CF Detection System Repair System Oil Film Pressure / Resistance Measurement System Configuration Inspection System Tester Aging Equipment Spectrum
measuring instrument
Signal generator analysis equipment / software spectrometer analysis services
Cleaning / ESD protection
Clean room system cleaning uniforms, gloves, masks, wiper cleaning kun, clean brush filter clean room booth antistatic products air conditioning equipment particle counter other cleaning room products
Touch Panel Japan - Japan Touch Panel
Touch Screen Modules / Monitors Material Manufacturing Equipment / Instruments Installation Software Sensors / IC Parts Foundry Services Other Touch Screen Related Products
FPD module (LCD, OLED, PDP FED, VFD, etc.) e-book digital signage 3D display soft display other FPD related products
Printed Electronics Fair Printed Electronics Fair
Inkjet printing technology materials, evaluation, technical analysis printing technology other related products for printing electronic technology
Nanoimprinted Technology Fair - Nano Impression Technology
Nano Impression Materials Etching Equipment Micro Devices Electron Beam Exposure Devices Nano Impression Technology Deposition System Other Nano Impression Technology Related Products